Weekend Warrior Award

OCR and ninja sport needs all of us to get out and race, train and ultimately have some fun.

The Weekend Warrior Award is recognition of those of us who, week in, week out, head around the country to support the sport we love. To qualify for the award participants have to attend 8 different events, training centres or ninja parks in 2023. So if you participate 3 times at the same brand this would only count once towards your tally. Be sure to check the list on below for what qualifies and do share any that we have missed. Volunteering and marshalling also counts!

Everyone can win the award if they qualify, but we do have a limited number remaining. Recipients of the award will each receive an exclusive British Obstacle Sports Weekend Warrior patch and ongoing community bragging rights. Tag British Obstacle Sports in your photos so we can share your adventures.


  • British Obstacle Sports Members – Free (Subject to availability)
  • Non-members – £7 per patch

Event organisers

(OCR and ninja sport events only)

  1. Adrenalin Shock
  2. arMUDgeddon Family Mud Run – Licensed Event
  3. Battle of Lansdown – Licensed Event
  4. Beach Ballistic – Licensed Event
  5. Beast Race
  6. Bog Commander
  7. Boonies Survival Run
  8. Born Survivor – Licensed Event
  9. British OCR Junior Championships
  10. Chepstow Steeplechase – Licensed Event
  11. Clarty Bairns (Challenge Northumberland)
  12. Colour Obstacle Rush
  13. Commando Series – Licensed Event
  14. Ferny Crofts Scout Activity Centre Mud Run
  15. Forest Warrior
  16. Gelt Gladiator
  17. HC:Fit Ninja Competition – Licensed Event
  18. Holme Howler
  19. Inflatable 5K – Licensed Events
  20. Inverclyde Warrior
  21. Kamikaze Adventure Run
  22. Kernow Killer
  23. MacTuff – Licensed Event
  24. Muddy Mayhem
  25. Mud Master
  26. Mud Monsters
  27. Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Park Edinburgh Events
  28. Normanby Hall Adventure Race
  29. Nuclear Races – Licensed Events
  30. Only The Brave – Licensed Event
  31. Overload Run / Farmyard Jam – Licensed Events
  32. Pretty Muddy 5K
  33. Race The Tide
  34. Rampage Run
  35. Raw Fit Obstacle Fun Run – Licensed Event
  36. Rough Events
  37. Rough Runner
  38. Shropshire Mud Run
  39. Spartan Race – Licensed Events
  40. Superhuman Games OCR
  41. T3 Farm Challenge
  42. Tartan Warrior – Licensed Event
  43. The General Obstacle Run
  44. The Little Welly
  45. The Nuts Challenge – Licensed Event
  46. The Swanbourne Endeavour – Licensed Event
  47. The Whole Hog
  48. Tough Mudder – Licensed Events
  49. Total Warrior – Licensed Event
  50. Walton Warrior 1900
  51. Wolf Run – Licensed Events
  52. Yorkshire Warrior

Note the list of event organisers does not constitute endorsement by British Obstacle Sports. If an event company organises an non-obstacle sport event and you attend it can not be included. All the events marked as licensed have been checked by British Obstacle Sports as part of our pilot programme. While this does not give a full guarantee as to the quality and safety of the event, is does mean that a third-party (BOS) has checked documentation such as risk assessments and insurance. We also review publicly available financial information. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

Please contact us if your event is missing from the list. We also offer free British Obstacle Sports Event Licensing for additional promotion. Please contact us for details.

Activity Parks & Training Centres

  • Adrenalin North Yorkshire Assault Course
  • Agility Park
  • Body Hub Obstacle Centre
  • Camelot Events (Nuts Challenge)
  • Field Fit
  • Fit Body Farm – Affiliated Training Centre
  • Fit 4 OCR
  • Fortitude Fitness Centre
  • HC:Fit Ninja Training – Affiliated Training Centre
  • Love2Stay Assault Course
  • Ninja Warrior Adventure Park (Multiple locations)
  • Ninja Warrior Adventure Park Edinburgh – Affiliated Activity Centre
  • Ninja Warrior UK Aqua Park Windsor
  • Obstacle Play Park
  • Obstacle Training Ground
  • Primal Gym
  • Raw Fit – Affiliated Training Centre
  • Rookery Fit Farm
  • Rumble Fitness – Affiliated Training Centre
  • Scottish Assault Courses (Multiple locations)
  • Team Freestyle OCR Facility
  • Total Ninja
  • Tru Ninja Warrington
  • True Function Ninja Training Ground
  • The Obstacle Gym
  • The P.T. Barn – Affiliated Training Centre
  • The Playground
  • Nuclear Wild Forest – Affiliated Training Centre
  • Ultimate Ninja UK

Note the list of activity parks and training centres does not constitute endorsement by British Obstacle Sports.

If you run an activity park or training centre missing from the list please contact us for details of how to be added. For additional visibility training centres and activity parks can be become affiliated.

Full Terms & Conditions

  • To qualify and be presented with the award you must be an active British Obstacle Sports member.
  • You must attend 8 independent events, activity parks or training centres between January 1st and December 31st 2023.
  • British Obstacle Sports reserves the right to add or remove events, activity parks or training centres at any time, for any reason.
  • Only obstacle sport events, activity parks, or training centres count. An event, activity or training session organised by a company that isn’t classified as an obstacle sport, even if it is an OCR or ninja sport company can not be included.
  • If a training centre also runs events you can only count that location once towards your total.
  • Please keep dates and photo evidence of each event, activity park or training centre you attend.