UK OSF Short Course Competition

In 2020 UKOSF worked with a number of obstacle training facilities to offer a series of competitive short course time trials across the country. Athletes raced against the clock to appear on a national leaderboard for each location broken down by gender and individual age groups. What better way to support training facilities around the UK. A select number of athletes also qualified for one of two UKOSF Regional Time Trial Finals.

Each course was individually designed by the training facilities, operating under the following UKOSF guidelines.

  • Every location had at least 10 obstacles (and probably a lot more) and was between 100m and 3K in length.
  • Courses were available to run on selected days between Friday, June 19th and Sunday, September 20th 2020.
  • The obstacle list and course for each location was published ahead of time, and was not changed.
  • Each obstacle had clear rules documented by the venue and was available to read before you race.
  • Training facilities either had penalties for obstacle failures or operated the World Obstacle 3 band penalty system.
  • Course times were recorded by a marshal (i.e. not self-timed).
  • Adaptations were also made for any para athletes who wandted to take part.

You could take part in the competition at one of the following locations:

Athlete Rules

  • Athletes must act with integrity on the course and follow the outlined rules and penalties detailed by each training location.
  • Athlete age will be based on their date of birth on June 19th, 2020.
  • Athletes can run the course more than once (additional costs may apply), only their fastest time will count.
  • An athlete can not record their own time.
  • All athletes must be UKOSF members to be included on the national leaderboards.
  • Results will be broken down into gender and division (Under 9’s, 9-12, 13-17, Senior (18-39) and Masters (40+) with an overall location leaderboard as well. Note each training facility will have it’s own rules on how old a racer needs to be to be able to take part.