Training Centre Affiliation

British Obstacle Sports offers an affiliation programme to work with training centres to develop obstacle sports in the UK and to support the industry. Affiliated centres will be awarded an affiliation badge that can be displayed on social media and promotional material, in recognition of operating level and coaching certifications. In the future additional tiers will be added to the affiliation programme. Our pilot programme offers a single affiliation level.

Benefits of affiliation

  1. British Obstacle Sports guidance in best practice, safeguarding and risk assessments.
  2. Provided with a British Obstacle Sports affiliation badge and number to display, showing that you follow the guidance and best practice recommended by British Obstacle Sports .
  3. Inclusion of training centre on British Obstacle Sports website and potential to be shared on British Obstacle Sports social channels.
  4. Run British Obstacle Sports licenced events (subject to meeting requirements).
  5. Potentially host British Obstacle Sports run events such as national championships and open days.

2024 cost: Free

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