UKOSF Time Trials 2022

Current Standings

After the huge success of 2020, the UKOSF Time Trials are back in partnership with training centres and activity parks around the country. This year there will be both ninja and OCR time trials at even more locations than before.

A time trial is competitive race format where athletes race against the clock to appear on a national leaderboard for each location broken down by gender and individual age groups. What better way to support training facilities around the UK.

Each course is individually designed by the training facilities, operating under the following UKOSF guidelines:

  • Every location will follow the course design requirements and event format rules specified in the UKOSF rulebook.
  • Courses are available to run on selected days between Saturday, February 5th and Monday, April 18th 2022.
  • The obstacle list and course for each location will be published ahead of time, and can not be changed.
  • Each obstacle has clear rules documented by the venue and is available to read before you race.
  • Training facilities will either have penalties for obstacle failure or specify where an obstacle is mandatory.
  • Course adaptations will be made where required for any para athletes who would like to take part.
  • Each centre may also have a location final after April 18th. Please refer to the list below for dates. This event is seeded based on the overall leaderboard prior to finals day. It is the last chance to record a time. Everyone has one attempt only (although practice runs are allowed). Existing times still count, so if a time isn’t beaten or someone is unable to attend the final then their previous time still remains.
  • The training centre may allow an ad-hoc second attempt (at their own discretion) for requesting athletes providing the sequencing of seeding is preserved (e.g. someone ahead of someone else on the leaderboard should never go before them, unless they agree to do so).

You can take part in the competition at one of the following locations:

OCR Time Trials

Ninja Sport Time Trials

Athlete Rules

  • Athletes must act with integrity on the course and follow the outlined time trial rules and the UKOSF Rulebook.
  • Athletes must be a UKOSF member to compete.
  • Athlete age will be based on their date of birth on February 5th, 2022.
  • Athletes can run the course more than once (additional costs may apply), only their fastest time will count.
  • An athlete can not record their own time.
  • Results will be broken down into gender and division:
    • Junior 6-9*
    • Junior 10-13*
    • Junior 14-17*
    • Junior Para (PO1, PO2-4, PO5)*
    • Senior (18-39)
    • Masters (40+)
    • Para (PO1, PO2-4, PO5)

* Note each training facility will have its own rules on how old a junior athlete needs to be to be able to take part.

British Obstacle Sports Rulebook