Spartan Race UK 2024 Season

Spartan Race is an obstacle course race brand with a number of events in the UK. It is part of the global Spartan Race franchise, which organises various races of different lengths and difficulty levels. Signature obstacles include the spear throw, hoist, bucket carry, and Twister rig. Participants in Spartan Races aim to test their physical strength, endurance, and mental resilience. The events often attract individuals seeking a challenging and adventurous experience. If you’re interested in participating or learning more, you can check the official Spartan Race UK website for details on upcoming races and registration information or read more details below.

Open or competitive?

Spartan has a number of different wave types that you can sign up to. These are listed below.

  • Open: This is for those who just want to have fun, without the pressure of competitive racing. You are still timed, but any penalties are not strictly enforced.
  • Competitive: As the name suggests this is a competitive wave open to anyone who wants to race against other competitors. You race in different waves, with the faster athletes seeded. If you are competitive, even if you are signing up for your first Spartan Race, then this is the wave to join. There are trophies for the overall top three, and podium medals for each age group.
      • Pro and Age Group: At Spartan National Series and at international Spartan Championships the competitive waves are split into pro and age group. Anyone competitive can compete in the Age Group Championships (some international events may have qualification requirements), whereas the Pro Championship athletes must earn qualification. Please visit Spartan Race for more information.

Which distance?

There are five adult race categories each of varying distance and difficulty. Not every venue will have each of the race categories, and there are currently no Stadion races in the UK.

  • Stadion: Unlike traditional Spartan Races, the Stadion is hosted in stadiums, arenas, or urban settings. The course is designed to utilise the unique features of these urban or stadium environments. The race is usually around 5K in distance.
  • Sprint: The shortest of the traditional Spartan Race categories, the Sprint is around 5K in length. It is designed to be accessible to participants of all fitness levels and is often recommended for beginners.
  • Super: 10K in length, usually with around 30 obstacles. The Super is a great distance for those with more training.
  • Beast: The Beast is the longest standard race in the Spartan series and is usually a half-marathon in length. It includes ‘Beast mode’ obstacles that are adjustments to obstacles found in a Sprint or Super to make them harder.
  • Ultra: At least 50K in length the Spartan Race Ultra is two-laps of the Beast course with an additional ‘Ultra’ loop for good measure.

Completing three of the five race categories (Sprint or Stadion, Super, and Beast or Ultra) within a calendar year is referred to as a “Trifecta,” or “Trifecta Weekend” if earned in just one crazy weekend of obstacle racing.

Spartan UK 2024 National Series

A three-event series, consisting of a Sprint, Super, and Beast with a prize purse for the overall series winners.

The following races are included in the series:

Spartan Kids

Spartan Kids is a component of the Spartan Race series designed specifically for children. Age groups range from 4 to 13. It provides a fun and challenging experience, encouraging kids to participate in obstacle course racing in a safe and age-appropriate manner. Spartan Kids races are a great way to introduce children to a healthy and active lifestyle in a supportive and exciting environment. If you’re interested in registering visit the Spartan Race website for more information. You may also be interested in the British OCR Junior Championships that is being hosted by Spartan on June 29th, 2024.

Upcoming Spartan Races