Sandbag TT Virtual Challenge

A bit of fun to get us all back into training for the OCR season. A 1K time trial with your sandbag or Wreck Bag. How will you rank on our leaderboards? Who will be crowned one of our strength champions at the start of May?

Entry is free for UKOSF Members or £5 for non-members.

When? You can have unlimited attempts between March 18th – May 9th 2021

How? Simply complete 1K with no more than a -10m decline in elevation while carrying your sandbag. Then to be added to our official rankings submit your attempt via our UKOSF Members Facebook group or on email. Note that by taking part you agree to our rules and terms and conditions below.

For this challenge we ask that under 18 athletes simply complete the challenge as a 1K time trail without a sandbag.

If you would like to enter as a non-member or submit a time via email please contact us.

Athlete carrying Wreck Bag

Rules and Terms & Conditions

  1. You must be over 18 to take part in a weighted division. U18 participants are able to take part in the 1K time trail without a sandbag with the permission of their parent/guardian.
  2. We will have six divisions (Under 18, 30, 40, 50, 60 & 70lbs+) with different weight ranges for each. See below.
  3. You must record your time on a GPS watch or filmed on a running track.
  4. Treadmill runs need to be flagged as such.
  5. You must record your 1K with elapsed time (e.g. no watch pauses).
  6. You must submit your result for verification with the required information (see below). Only your best time in each division will be shown on our leaderboards.
  7. The UKOSF reserves the right to adjust the rules to the competition to ensure safety and fair play.
  8. Entrants acknowledge they will participate and complete their 1K in a manner chosen by them, at locations chosen by them and at their own risk.
  9. You are responsible for ensuring that you have undertaken any necessary preparation and training to enter and participate in the challenge. Entry and participation is at your own risk. You warrant to us that you will be on the date(s) you take part sufficiently fit and healthy to participate. If you are in any doubt we recommend that you seek medical advice.
  10. Participants must follow all local rules with regards to COVID-19.

This is a fun challenge, but as always we expect athlete integrity when taking part.

Weight Divisions

  • 30 – 39.99 lbs (13.60 – 18.13kg)
  • 40 – 49.99 lbs (18.14 – 22.67kg)
  • 50 – 59.99 lbs (22.68 – 27.21kg)
  • 60 – 69.99 lbs (27.22 – 31.74kg)
  • 70lbs+


Submission requirements

  • Name
  • Membership number or challenge ID (when submitting to us on email)
  • Confirmation of weight division entered
  • 1K time
  • Evidence of elapsed 1K time (e.g. Strava screenshot or link, video recording)
  • Optional: any photos we can use on social media