British Obstacle Sports 2024 Rulebook

The Competition Rules is the Master Source Document (MSD) for British Obstacle Sports covering OCR and ninja sport rules in the UK. The web based document acts as the official (authorised) reference document and is maintained based on authorised amendments in accordance with recommendations by British Obstacle Sports Technical Committees and accepted by the British Obstacle Sports Board. Any difficulty in the interpretation or application of Rules should be referred to British Obstacle Sports.

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British Obstacle Sports Rulebook Contents

1. Introduction
2. Definition of Key Terms
3. Conduct of Athletes
4. Athlete Communication
5. Uniform
6. Right of Appeal and Protest Period
7. Sporting Disciplines Classification
8. Obstacles
9. OCR: Cross-Country (OCR XC)
10. OCR: Furthest Fastest (OCR FF)
11. OCR: Natural Terrain (OCR Trail)
12. OCR: Time Trial (OCR TT)
13. OCR: Head to Head (OCR H2H)
14. Penalty Formats for OCR
15. Ninja Sport: Furthest Fastest
16. Ninja Sport: Points Based
17. Ninja Sport: Time Trial
18. Ninja sport: Head-to-Head
19. Ninja Sport: Relay (Leg)
20. Ninja Sport: Relay (Lap)
21. Ninja Sport: Skills event
Appendix A – Primary Obstacle Challenges Definition
Appendix B – Ranking Categories
Appendix C – Event Format Deviations
Appendix D – Changelog