On April 7th, at the Rumble Fitness 3K and final short course national trial of the year, we will be testing a new penalty system. It still uses the multi-band system used in international events but takes inspiration from the penalty system used by adaptive athletes at these championships. The adjusted multi-band penalty system aims to still encourage obstacle completion while at the same time also allowing all athletes to rank in the results in a fair way. We will be testing if the system is easy to administer and if it encourages greater inclusion in more competitive, technical short-course obstacle races.

Male athletes will be given three wristbands; two are worn on one wrist, with the final wristband on the other wrist.

Female athletes will be given four wristbands; three are worn on one wrist, with the final wristband on the other wrist.

Athletes can lose a wristband for each obstacle failure until they have one wristband remaining. After this, the final wristband is not cut for obstacle failure, but a mark is applied to it with a permanent marker pen. Each marked line is equivalent to a five-minute time penalty applied after the race. The time penalty is severe to ensure it can apply across all races and will be a greater penalty than the obstacle loop. We also hope that it will continue to highlight the importance of obstacle completion while also allowing all athletes to complete a course.

All athletes, including those with marks against their final wristband, must regain any lost wristbands through the completion of a penalty loop prior to finishing the race.

For those who take part, we welcome your feedback.

  1. Laura Heywood 05/04/2024 at 3:28 pm - Reply

    This is great! Especially for us older athletes who are having to accept certain limitations!

  2. Wendy Brothers 05/04/2024 at 3:39 pm - Reply

    This sounds brilliant!

  3. Andy Durrance 05/04/2024 at 6:12 pm - Reply

    It’s a great idea and doesn’t put people off, some of us older athletes still can’t see their limitations. 🤣

  4. Mark 05/04/2024 at 8:46 pm - Reply

    unless this system is adopted by ALL international championships then UK athletes will have a false idea of were they are and will lessen time spent working on there obstacle technique in favour of being able to complete penalty loops quickly, if you notice from the comments that’s it’s the older athletes that think it’s a good idea then maybe it is something that should be used only for senior/masters athletes , this system will not reward those that take the time to work on there skills no athlete that completes more obstacle should be classified below somebody that has failed all obstacles but then completes the penalty loop, this will lead to tactical fails.

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