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Member Insurance

Towergate, British Obstacle Sports’ Official Insurance Partner, have documented below the cover the federation have selected for its members as well providing a point of reference for members about some key things you should consider when participating in obstacle sports.
This summary is divided into the following four sections:

  1. Key information about the British Obstacle Sports personal accident policy for all members
  2. For those who need additional protection some basic information on life insurance, critical illness and income protection and who to speak to if you want to make further enquiries.
  3. Travel Insurance considerations should you be participating in obstacle sports overseas.
  4. Personal liability

1. Personal accident insurance for all participating members

As an adult or junior member of British Obstacle Sports, you automatically benefit from personal accident cover. The only membership class that is not included is the Supporter membership. It is important you understand the protection this policy provides and we have summarised some key information below:

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Please note that while your member insurance covers all of the below it does not include employment protection and is not travel insurance. For example medical fees would not be covered if abroad.
What Cover Does

Personal accident insurance provides set benefit payments should you suffer a predefined injury, as well as set weekly benefits for temporary total and temporary partial disablement. It will be valid for participation or actively volunteering/supporting at any British Obstacle Sports, EOSF, FISO, UNAA, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race or British Obstacle Sports Licensed Obstacle Sport events around the world. Members attending Affiliated Training Centres and Affiliated Activity Parks will also be covered under the insurance alongside any training under the supervision of a British Obstacle Sports Certified Coach. Please refer to our policy documents for full wording.

# Schedule Of Benefits Adults Juniors
1 Accidental Death £10,000 £10,000
2 Permanent Total Loss of Sight of One Eye £5,000 £5,000
3 Permanent Total Loss of sight of Both Eyes £10,000 £10,000
4 Loss of One or More Limb(s) £10,000 £10,000
5 Permanent Total Loss of Speech £10,000 £10,000
6 Permanent Total Loss of Hearing in One Ear £2,500 £2,500
7 Permanent Total Loss of Hearing in Both Ears £10,000 £10,000
8 Permanent Total Disablement £10,000 £10,000

Temporary Total Disablement

Excess Period

Benefit Period

£100 per week

14 days

52 weeks


Temporary Partial Disablement

Excess Period

Benefit Period

£50 per week

14 days

52 weeks



This summary is not exhaustive so please refer to the policy documentation for full details of the cover provided and applicable terms and conditions or contact Nick Sullivan at Towergate.

Key Definitions

Temporary Partial Disablement – Disablement which temporarily prevents the insured person from attending to a substantial part of the duties of his usual business or occupation.

Temporary Total Disablement:

  1. For persons in paid employment – disablement which is medically determined to temporarily prevent an insured person from undertaking all parts of their usual occupation as carried out at the date of the accident.
  2. For persons who are not in paid employment – disablement which is medically determined to temporarily prevent an insured person from undertaking their usual duties or activities (including attending to scholastic duties) as carried out at the date of the accident and resulting in out-of-pocket expenses.

Medical Expenses:

  1. Expenses necessarily and reasonably incurred by the insured person for medical, hospital, surgical, manipulative, massage, physiotherapy, therapeutic, x-ray or nursing treatment, including the cost of medical supplies and ambulance hire. Cover is subject to there being a valid claim under sections 1-9 of the policy and limited to 20% of the value of that claim (e.g. the policy provides cover for expenses incurred in relation to physiotherapy treatment required as a result of a broken leg that triggered a payment under section 8 of the policy “temporary total disablement”).
Will I be covered under the policy when acting as ‘pit crew’ at an event?2022-09-18T13:03:25+01:00
Will I be covered under the policy when volunteering at events?2022-09-18T13:03:12+01:00


Will this include 12 and 24 hour events?2022-09-18T13:03:00+01:00

Yes, as long as they qualify under what is covered in our list above.

Will junior athletes be covered under this policy?2022-09-18T13:02:47+01:00

Yes. Although, please note temporary total and partial disablement are not covered under the policy.

Will adaptive/para athletes be covered under this policy?2022-09-18T13:02:31+01:00


Will this cover events overseas and replace my travel insurance?2022-09-18T13:02:16+01:00

Yes and no. The cover is worldwide, but does not replace the need for travel insurance that includes cover for obstacle sport events.

Will this cover protect my income?2022-09-18T13:01:55+01:00

This type of cover is not designed to protect your income, therefore, if you are at risk from reduced income should you be unable to work as a result of an injury, please read the “Life Insurance, Serious Illness and Income Protection” section below or simply contact Towergate.

2. Life Insurance, Critical Illness and Income Protection

Note these items are not covered automatically with your membership.

Income protection – If you are diagnosed with a serious illness or suffer a serious injury, you will likely require more time off than most company sick pay policies cover. Income protection will ensure you continue to receive a monthly amount until you can return to work.

Critical illness – Being diagnosed with a critical illness can be a stressful time. Your focus should be on recovering, and not worrying about your financial stability. In the event of a diagnosis of a serious illness, critical illness cover can pay out a lump sum to ease the financial impact on you and your family.

Life insurance – In the event that you aren’t around anymore, you will want to know that your family is taken care of. Life insurance policies can provide your family with a lump sum to ease financial stresses at a difficult time.

There are many options to consider when arranging any of the above covers and our experts can help you decide which one best fits your needs. Please visit www.towergatehealthandprotection.co.uk or contact Nick Sullivan on 01903 875431 quoting reference “UKOSF” for more information.

3. Travel Insurance

Note travel insurance is not covered automatically with your membership. Not all travel policies will cover hazardous sports such as obstacle sports, therefore, it is important to check this point on any policy you already have or may be considering.

Towergate hope to have a tailored travel policy for British Obstacle Sports members available in the near future but in the meantime, we understand there are a number of products available that provide appropriate cover

4. Personal Liability

It’s a relatively slight risk that obstacle sport participation could leave you open to a claim against you in your personal capacity relating to alleged negligence that caused injury to a third party, however, it is not beyond the realms of possibility in an ever increasingly litigious society.

Most home insurances provide the policy holder and their immediate family residing in the home a level of protection for this scenario (known as personal liability insurance) but all policies are different and yours may not extend this cover in respect of obstacle sports participation.

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