British Obstacle Sports Code of Conduct

What is the British Obstacle Sports Member Code of Conduct?

As the National Governing Body, British Obstacle Sports is responsible for setting the standards and values that apply at every level of our sport. Our Code exists to protect everyone within the sport and details the behaviour expected from all members within the UK obstacle sports community including what behaviours are acceptable and unacceptable.

Does the Code apply to me?

Yes. As a condition of membership the Code applies to you. Although we are responsible for setting the standards, everyone involved in obstacle sports has a responsibility to promote the sport, making sure that there is equal access and opportunity for all, and that fairness and respect is upheld. This Code allows us to uphold the values that we all believe in as a sport and gives us a mechanism to deal with any breaches with a consistent approach.

What is the purpose of the Code?

By sharing this Code across the sport, we believe that we can uphold the highest standards of integrity and ensure that the reputation of the sport is – and remains – at a high level. We believe that its content will contribute to our mission and purpose.

The Code:

As a British Obstacle Sports member you will:

  1. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every member and others involved in obstacle sports and treat everyone equally.
  2. Conduct yourselves in a correct and proper manner that portrays the sport in a positive light and does not bring you, British Obstacle Sports, EOSF, FISO and the sport into disrepute.
  3. Maintain high standards of conduct and integrity which show proper respect for other athletes, staff and volunteers when training and competing.
  4. Consistently promote positive aspects of the sport such as fair play and sportsmanship.
  5. Adhere to anti-doping rules and regulations at all times.
  6. Never condone rule violations or the use of prohibited or age-inappropriate substances.
  7. Challenge inappropriate behaviour and language by others.
  8. Always put the safety of other participants ahead of the outcome of your own competition or training results.
  9. Give priority to the interests of the sport and athletes in relation to any financial interests.
  10. Protect the environment by adhering to the principles of Leave No Trace.
  11. Maintain these standards in all settings including when using online communities.
  12. Report any suspected misconduct to as soon as practically possible.

As a condition of membership you agree to abide by the latest version of the Code published on the British Obstacle Sports website.

Breaches of the Code

British Obstacle Sports is serious in its commitment to high standards of behaviour among all its members.

Issues may be dealt with informally or formally and may result in the imposition of sanctions commensurate to the seriousness of the misconduct (taking into account any history of misconduct by the member). Those sanctions may include:

  1. An informal or formal warning;
  2. Removal of membership for a specified period of time;
  3. Permanent removal of membership

Members may also have their membership suspended while our disciplinary process is concluded.