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Winter MacTuff is arguably one of Scotland’s toughest obstacle course races, held annually at Knockhill Racing Circuit. This is the ancestral home and traditional New Year date for the original MacTuff.

A choice of distances to suit you: The ‘classic’ MacTuff 7K, 15K, or 21K distances.

MacTuff New Year takes place over challenging terrain, through mud, water, and obstacles. It’s cold, and the water is even colder (it’s January in Scotland, don’t you know). It’s built to test your physical strength and your mental grit because MacTuff believes that true character is built through true challenge. This challenge is for anyone who has ever wanted to push themselves. It is for the thrill seekers, the renegades, and the adventurers. MacTuff is for anyone looking to discover what exactly they are made of. Come to the home of MacTuff and enjoy the experience where nature clashes with the will to succeed and overcome.

Can you do it? MacTuff has participants of all shapes, sizes, and ages. This is not about physical ability. This is about your will to continue in the face of adversity.

Don’t miss this bucket-list event.

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