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Terrain: Off road, Fields,
Distance: Each lap is approx 3 mile long with 10-12 obstacles in the last 100m
Format: This is a last person standing event, you have 1 hour to complete a lap and be back on the start line for the start of the next hour, fail to do either and it’s a Did not Finish

You can Run solo, or in relay format as a team (a team consists of between 2 and 4 individuals



What if I can’t do the obstacles?
There are 2 options
1. Avoid all the obstacles and run a 1 mile penalty loop
2. Attempt the obstacles but for each failure you will do an exercise of our choice for each failed obstacle (e.g. burpees)

Note that those competing in the UK OCR Endurance League can not take the 1 mile penalty loop.

Can I complete it fast and then rest between laps?
Yes – if you complete in 40 mins you get a 20 min rest, we even had someone last year catch a 20 min sleep.

Can I do this with a friend?
Yes you can do it in either 2,3 or 4 person teams, it will be run in a relay format but you can do more than one lap before you hand over to a teammate – word of caution though if you do not make it back within the hour or there is no team member on the start line for the next lap the whole team is DNF’d.

To register as a team all you have to do is sign up individually and then on the day tell us your team.

Can I have a pit crew and if so how much?
Yes you are welcome to have pit crew and we do not charge for the pit crew, the only charge is £5 for each car brought onto the venue

Will there be cooking facilities on site?
This is part of the Overload Run festival so there will be food and drink available Saturday , however this is a self sufficient race, you will be allocated a space in and it is yours and your pit crews responsibility to feed you, you can bring a BBQ or a camping stove but there can be no open fires – we do have lots of water on site for you though.

Will there be facilities on site?
Yes we will have toilets on site for the duration of the event.

Can i bring a camper van / caravan / tent / gazebo?

Is there any mandatory kit?
Yes, you must always carry a whistle and between 7pm and 7am you must wear or carry a working torch, we also recommend you bring waterproof clothing.

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