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YouTube recap provided by Jon Godall

On January 13th (5.30-10pm), British Obstacle Sports will host the British Obstacle Sports 100m National Trials at Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Park Gloucester .

The trials will provide an opportunity to be selected for the British National Teams at the OCR European Championships in Italy and the FISO OCR World Championships in Costa Rica.

While this is a National Trial event, you will find a course suitable for everyone (the best just do it faster). You will also have access to the rest of the Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Park to play and train while not competing.

Trophies are awarded for the top 3 overall, plus the para and AG winners, with additional prizes supplied by Ninja Warrior UK Gloucester and Voom Nutrition.

Age Groups
Youth: 10-15, Junior: 16-19, Masters: 40+

Event day information:

– Registration will be open from 5.15pm, we advise arriving by 5.30pm at the very latest.

– The event will be run under 100m time trial rules and the winner will be the fastest athlete across the course.

– Athletes will run individually in a time trial format. They will not be able to try the course before their first round.

– Athletes will get two opportunities to run the course, with the fastest time counting towards their finishing position.

– The first round will be run based on a random draw, with the second round based on the times of the first round with the slowest running the course first.

– Athletes can request a step to access each obstacle during their runs.

– The event is open to anyone from 10 years and up. However, please note that children will need to be able to access each obstacle without assistance (a step can be provided). This may make it difficult for shorter/younger children.

Please note those who are automatically selected will need to confirm their place within four weeks of the event and will still need to register for the international championships as British Obstacle Sports does not have the budget to cover these registration fees.


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