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British OCR Junior Championships2023-02-22T17:28:14+00:00

British OCR Junior Championships

Our second British OCR Junior Championships will be held on October 22rd 2023 at the Swanbourne Endeavour in Milton Keynes.

The Swanbourne Endeavour is a gutsy, gruelling off-road endurance event. It allows you to plunge into the wilds of Buckinghamshire – streams, woods, fields and haystacks for a true cross-country OCR race. British Obstacle Sports will also be working with partners to include additional guest obstacles. In 2022, we had obstacles from Spartan Race, Rumble Fitness, Fitness iQ, the P.T Barn and Overload Run.

There will be:

  • A competitive 5K course for age groups between 10 and 13.
  • A competitive 7K-8K course for age groups between 14 and 17.
  • A shorter non-competitive wave (1-2K) for six years and up.

There will be finisher medals for everyone who takes part, plus non-cash prizes and trophies for the podiums of the competitive waves.


Don’t forget to sign up to the British OCR Junior Championship Waves and not the Swanbourne Endeavour itself.


My child isn’t 10 yet. Can they take part in the competitive wave?2023-02-22T17:37:38+00:00
Children born before August 31st 2014 can compete in a competitive wave even if they are not yet 10 years old. However, it is a parents responsibility to ensure their child is ready to undertake the required distance (5K) and obstacles. Children under this age will not be allowed to take part in a competitive wave. These children are encouraged to take part in a non-competitive wave. Children at this age enjoy taking part and racing without the need for results and podium winners.
I run a business that would like to sponsor the event and help to develop junior athletes?2023-02-22T17:38:46+00:00

Please contact British Obstacle Sports for further details on sponsorship opportunities.


Is there an adult British OCR Junior Championship?2023-02-22T17:29:51+00:00

Yes. Find our more on our British OCR Championships page.

Will we see obstacles from other events?2023-02-22T17:36:53+00:00

Yes. We plan for guest obstacles from events and training centres to be present.

I want to help develop youth participation in our sport. How can I help?2022-10-12T09:24:53+01:00

Firstly, you can help by simply being a British Obstacle Sports member. The federation needs to hit a threshold of members before we can start our official application with the UK Sports Councils. Once recognised we have the potential to access funding to support youth development.

Secondly, you can volunteer within one of our committees or help with the organising of the national championships itself.

Lastly, help us spread the word. We want to use the event to spearhead and increase junior participation in OCR. Please help us to spread the word with friends and schools for both the competitive and non-competitive waves. This is a great opportunity to showcase our sport to those who may not have participated in OCR before.

Can I take part as a junior adaptive/para athlete?2022-09-16T20:27:06+01:00

Yes, please get in touch for further details.

Can my child take part in a non-competitive wave instead?2023-02-22T17:36:13+00:00

Yes, there will be non-competitive waves for children from at least six years and up. There is a discount for members.

Do you need to qualify?2023-02-22T17:35:26+00:00

No, and we welcome all levels and abilities for who would like to compete on a national level.

This said, the course is on tough off-road terrain so we recommend that athletes have completed either an obstacle race or trail running race before.

We also ask that you help us to support the sport by registering your child as a British Obstacle Sports member for competitive waves.

How are the age groups broken down?2022-09-16T20:25:58+01:00

Currently there will be three age groups (10-13, 14-17 & 18-19). If registration is high these age groups may be broken down further into smaller age brackets.

What type of course should I expect?2022-09-16T20:24:09+01:00

The Swanbourne Endeavour is a classic British OCR race. Expect mud, water, trails and classic OCR obstacles. There may also be a few additional surprises thrown in for the Junior Championships.

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