British OCR Championships 2023

2023 will see the first adult National OCR Championships in the UK since 2016 and the inaugural event under the governance of British Obstacle Sports. The Championships will be hosted by Spartan and will take place on Sunday, 8th October 2023 during the London South East Trifecta Weekend at Pippingford Park.

The holding of a National Championship is an important development for OCR in the UK and in partnership with Spartan we look forward to welcoming British athletes to undertake a true test of obstacle racing ability.

The course will challenge you to a 12K distance set to the stunning backdrop of Pippingford Park and be run under Classic Cross Country OCR rules with 25+ obstacles to tackle. British Obstacle Sports will be able to use both the terrain and obstacles in different ways to standardised Spartan Race courses. While the course will be familiar to those who have taken part in Spartan before you can expect to see a number of surprises on course.


Elite Qualification

Event Distance 2023 Date Location Overall Result
Winter MacTuff 15k 15K 8th January Fife Winner
Winter Nuts 7K 7K (Sprint Lap) 4th March Surrey Top 3
Tartan Warrior 8K 26th March Ayrshire Top 3
Spartan Race Elite Beast (London West) 21K 29th April Oxfordshire Top 10
Spartan Race Elite Super (London West) 10K 30th April Oxfordshire Top 10
Summer MacTuff 15K 7th May Fife Top 3
Nuclear Challenge Cup 15K 14th May Essex Top 10
OCR European Championships 12K 10th June Hungary Top 25 elite
Rood Rampage 15K 18th June Gloucestershire Top 3
Total Warrior 12K 1st July Yorkshire Top 5
Spartan Race Elite Beast (Midlands) 21K 1st July Lincolnshire Top 5
Spartan Race Elite Super (Midlands) 10k 2nd July Lincolnshire2 Top 5
Spartan Race Elite Sprint (Midlands) 5K 2nd July Lincolnshire Top 10
Beach Ballistic 15K 5th August Aberdeenshire Top 5
Scottish OCR Series N/A N/A  Scotland Top 5
Spartan Race Elite Beast (South West) 21K 13th August Gloucestershire Top 5
Spartan Race Elite Sprint (South West) 5K  13th August Gloucestershire Top 10
Summer Nuts 7K (Sprint Lap) 2nd September Surrey Top 5
UKOCR Series (after Race 6) N/A N/A UK Top 20
FISO OCR World Championships 15K 16th September Belgium Top 25 elite
Spartan Race Elite Beast (London South) 21K  7th October Sussex Top 10


British Obstacle Sports will be able to use both the terrain and obstacles in different ways to standardised Spartan Race courses. While the course will be familiar to those who have taken part in Spartan before you can expect to see a number of surprises on course.

The British OCR Championships is open to all British Obstacle Sports members who are either UK residents or British citizens. Those travelling from overseas who are not British citizens will not be able to compete competitively.

Yes, membership is a fundamental part of our sport and helps the federation to grow and achieve official recognition from the UK Sports Councils.

Yes, you must qualify or be given a wildcard entry to the Elite National Championships per the listed qualification criteria (Note British Obstacle Sports reserves the right to add additional qualification events).

It is the athlete’s responsibility to enter the Championships prior to the closing date. There is only one registration option for competitive waves. The name with which they have entered should match any results being considered for Elite Qualification – they should contact British Obstacle Sports if there is an error or update in this regard.

Upon qualification, elite qualifiers will be asked to confirm their acceptance of elite entry by 30th September 2023 or on October 7th for those who qualify at Spartan Race London South Beast. British Obstacle Sports will confirm the elite start wave with Spartan Race.

Up to five Wildcard entries to the British OCR Championships Elite race for each gender may be awarded by the British Obstacle Sports Selection Committee prior to the Championships. These are not guaranteed and athletes looking to secure a Wildcard entry should contact British Obstacle Sports at least 7 days prior to the event.

There will not be qualification requirements in 2023 beyond the requirement to have raced in at least two competitive licensed OCR races in the UK during the 2022 and 2023 season. Note you can enter the British OCR Championships prior to meeting these requirements. The following events had or will have competitive races you can attend to qualify:


  • Battle of Lansdown
  • Beach Ballistic
  • Born Survivor Gisburn
  • Europe’s Toughest Mudder
  • Nuclear Rush
  • Nuclear Challenge Cup
  • Spartan Race elite or age group (all venues)
  • Summer Nuts
  • Total Warrior
  • Winter Nuts


More venues and races may be added.

Yes, there will be prize money for the top 3 male and female elite winners and there will be podium trophies for all age groups.

U20, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+

Athletes must be 18+ on the day of the event to take part in the British OCR Championships. Those between 14-17 years old may submit an application to race in the U20 or the elite category (subject to qualification). Details will be shared prior to registration opening. We also have a British OCR Junior Championships on October 22nd, 2023 with competitive age groups from 10-17 years old.

Yes, adaptive athletes can compete. Please contact British Obstacle Sports for further details.

Yes, there will be an open wave for those who do not want to run competitively or who would like to take part from overseas. Visitors from overseas will need to be a member of their own national federation or purchase British Obstacle Sports day membership.

British Obstacle Sports is being run in a sustainable manner with a focus on the mission and purpose of the federation. The immediate goal is to gain official recognition as a sport via our application to the UK Sports Councils through the delivery of the associated requirements. While national championships are important, they are one small part of what it means to be a national governing body for a sport. At this time, we are not ready to organise a standalone event.

We are delighted that Spartan will be able to produce a high calibre National Championships in 2023 for our athletes. This is primarily because they will be using the resources and infrastructure afforded by utilising their existing event weekend.

No. This is not a Spartan Race, and is a standalone event, so it will not count towards your Trifecta. However, it will still be feasible to run the Spartan Super race non-competitively.