British Ninja Championships

British Ninja Championships

The 2023 date and location for the British Ninja Championships has yet to be decided.

The inaugural British Ninja Championships will be held on 6th November 2022 at HC:FIT Ninja Training in Liverpool.

HC:FIT is a renowned ninja training facility which has been host to many ninja athletes and champions who have competed in the UK and internationally. It features a wide range of authentic ninja obstacles including the classics such as the double salmon ladder, peg board, warped wall, quintuple steps and spider climb as well as a number of innovative and exciting originally designed obstacles straight from the imagination of ninja owner, Henry Cookey.

There will be three rounds of competitive courses for males and females aged over 18 which will be conducted under British Obstacle Sports Furthest Fastest ninja sport rules. For the first time ever there will be cash prizes for both the winning male and female competitors.

Note that British Obstacle Sports membership is required to compete.

Register today via HC:Fit Ninja Training.

As one of the first official ninja sport competitions this will no doubt be an exciting and adventurous way to test your skills, might, courage and agility as a follow up to the excitement we’ve seen on season 6 of Ninja Warrior UK.

Please contact British Obstacle Sports if you have any questions.