AGM 2023

We will hold our 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) via Zoom on Monday, November 27th (7pm-9pm GMT). All British Obstacle Sports members can attend and eligible members will be able to vote on key decisions (details will be sent separately on voting). However, we request that you confirm attendance for planning purposes and so we can send you the meeting invite by completing this form. This will be the only way to attend the meeting.


Formal AGM Notice

On behalf of the Board of Directors, it is our great pleasure to extend a formal invitation to our members and partners to the British Obstacle Sports Annual General Meeting 2023.

The AGM will be held on Monday, November 27th via Zoom. The AGM will start promptly at 7pm.

Formal AGM Notice


Those eligible to vote will be asked to vote on the following items:

Resolution 1: Approve the minutes of the EGM held on August 7th, 2023 made available to all members.

Resolution 2: Approve the British Obstacle Sports financial accounts for the financial year 2022/23.

Resolution 3: Re-elect James Burton as Chair of the British Obstacle Sports Board for a two-year term.

Resolution 4: Re-elect Shahedur Rohman to the British Obstacle Sports Board for a two-year term.

Resolution 5: Re-elect Oner Avara to the British Obstacle Sports Board for a two-year term.

Resolution 6: Re-elect Ali Hay to the Ninja Sport Technical Committee as Chair for a two-year term.

Resolution 7: Re-elect Bethany Lodge to the Ninja Sport Technical Committee as Vice-Chair for a two-year term.

Resolution 8: Re-elect Henry Cookey to the Ninja Sport Technical Committee for a two-year term.

Resolution 9: Elect Laura Baskeyfield to the Ninja Sport Technical Committee for a two-year term.

Resolution 10: Re-elect Becky Neal to the OCR Technical Committee as Chair for a two-year term.

Resolution 11: Re-elect Dave Peters to the OCR Technical Committee as Vice-Chair for a two-year term.

Additional information on each resolution:

We made a pre-tax loss in the 2022/23 financial year of £5,784. This was planned by the board to account for the 2021/22 surplus profit of £9,658. For example, we paid for insurance for existing members for 12 months in advance at £6,774 vs. paying quarterly, and we also spent £1,075 pre-ordering trophies for national championships and leagues that we support.

We have retained earnings of £3,204 and will be looking to hold this amount as a company reserve to protect the federation from any unforeseen costs in the future. As you will note, as we grow and mature as an organisation, our expenditures and costs are also growing. Your support for British Obstacle Sports is essential to the continued development of the sport. Financial controls and protocols remain a critical aspect of the board’s responsibilities, and we will continue to develop these in 2024 as we work on what we hope is our full application to the UK Sports Councils.

We know that financial responsibility is important to our members, and we hope the details shared provide transparency and openness to how the board is conducting business on your behalf. All our decisions stem from the mission and purpose of British Obstacle Sports, which we collectively agreed on back in 2021. We invite you to ask any questions that you might have by emailing

Additional notes for reference:

  • Membership income increased by 125% in 2022/23 driven primarily by our championship events, national trials, and our partnership with Spartan UK.
  • In 2022/23 we started to receive income from our merchandise (primarily Junior Championships and British Obstacle Sports t-shirts).
    Event income was received from the following events:
    • British OCR Junior Championships 2022
    • 100m National Trials 2023 at Ninja Warrior Gloucester
  • We received £628 in income from our partners during the 2022/23 financial year. This is set to grow in 2023/24 as we look to grow our revenue base beyond membership fees alone.
  • Training course fees relate to income from our coaching and technical officials programmes and courses.
  • Event costs increased significantly in 2022/23 to £6,010 given the increased events during the 22/23 financial year compared to the previous one. These costs relate to the following events:
    • British OCR Junior Championships 2022
    • British Ninja Championships 2022
    • 100m National Trials 2023 at Ninja Warrior Gloucester
    • Costs related to other national trial events
    • Travel costs related to the BOS stand
    • Costs related to the OCR European Championships 2022 and 2023 and the FISO OCR World Championships 2023
    • Pass-through costs for the 100m and national team races at the OCR European and World Championships. These entries were purchased in advance by the federation, with athletes paying for their tickets upon selection.
  • Payment processing fees relate to event income, membership fees, training course fees/merchandise income that was paid via card.
  • Training course costs relate to the purchase of Technical Official tops included as part of the Technical Official course fee. Note that the tops cost more than the course fee, but we feel it is important to provide the course at an affordable price point to encourage the growth of the programme. The other major fee relates to our association with Active IQ, which allows us to run the Level 2 Gym Instructor course.
  • Merchandise costs are higher than merchandise income; however, we have remaining stock that will be sold during the 2023/24 financial year.
    Member incentives include the costs of the Weekend Warrior patches that are given away for free to those who have supported the sport by visiting different events and training centres across the year.
  • Equipment costs grew to £549 during the 2022/2023 financial year, primarily due to the purchase of equipment for the British Obstacle Sports stand used at events.
  • Our tools and licence fees expenditure grew to £744 in 2022/2023. This covered the following:
    • Xero accounting software
    • SignRequest: for digital signatures of contracts
    • Our affiliation with the Sport & Recreation Alliance
    • Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) data protection registration fee
    • Mailchimp email platform fees
    • Domain name registrations
  • Travel costs of £502 relate to:
    • Attendance at the European Obstacle Sports Federation Congress in Hungary
    • Attendance at the first modern pentathlon 5th discipline test event in Turkey
    • An in-person meeting with Pentathlon GB in Bath, UK
  • Sponsorship expenditure of £1,018 relates to:
    • Scottish OCR Series trophies
    • Ninja Sport UK League trophies
    • UKOCR Series trophies
    • UKOCR Awards

James Burton

James has 20+ years digital marketing experience working with a range of global brands including Nike, Virgin, Bacardi, GSK, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, World Gold Council, and In his 12 year role at creative agency, AKQA, James also worked closely on the operations side of the business that included setting up two studios in Portland and Gothenburg, managing a large financial portfolio, team and line management, recruitment, and generally getting stuff done.

Obstacle sports is a huge passion for James and he has participated in over 200 events since 2013 from ninja competitions to 24 hour endurance races. Since volunteering for British Obstacle Sports James has played a key role in developing the governance of the federation and is a member of a large number of the federation committees.

Key achievements that James has helped to drive with the team since being a part of the federation include: UK OCR Time Trials competition, British OCR Junior Championships, British OCR Championships, British Ninja Championships, membership programme, redrafting of our constitution in line with UK Sports Councils requirements, Spartan partnership, British Obstacle Sports support for the UK OCR Series and the Scottish OCR Series, event licensing programme, and training centre affiliation.

In addition to his voluntary role as Chair of the British Obstacle Sports Board, James also sits as a voluntary board member of Pentathlon GB.

Shahedur Rohman

Shahedur is an established solicitor with experience spanning across a wide range of areas ranging from banking, commercial contracts, property, litigation, employment and consumer law. Shahedur has garnered a reputation for his no nonsense, straight-talking approach often getting to the root of the problem and delivering results within a short-space of time.

In addition to his demanding role, Shahedur enjoys serving his community where he currently holds positions of responsibility with the following organisations:

  1. Panel member of Gloucestershire Constabulary’s Community Legitimacy Panel,
  2. A trustee of Cirencester Opportunity Group, an organisation that provides special educational services; and
  3. Panel member of Gloucestershire Community Foundation, a charitable foundation which provides funding to local charities.

Shahedur is passionate about ninja sport having been involved as a competitor on series 3 of Ninja Warrior UK and competing regularly in national competitions. He also enjoys competing in obstacle races when injuries don’t get in the way and is glad to have found his calling to combine his passions with his profession at the British Obstacle Sports where he assists with providing support to the various functions of the governing body in addition to acting as coordinator for the Ninja Sport Technical Committee.

Oner Avara

Oner has over two decades of experience in sports as a boxer, club owner, chairman and president of sport federations and an advisor to the UK Parliament.

Supported by his long and extensive experience in sport, Oner has built an online platform designed to increase the flow of information between medical professionals, federations, technical officials, clubs, promoters and athletes to create a safer sports environment.

In his advisory role to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain as a Sport Expert Advisor at the UK Parliament, Oner ensures that the sports industry and society benefit from the full potential of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies (DLT) making the UK a leader in Blockchain/DLT’s innovation and implementation.

He also advises All Party Parliamentary Groups on Boxing. The APPG Boxing committee aim to engage with government and Parliament to support all aspects of boxing, setting out the benefits of boxing to individuals and the wider society; reducing the barriers to participation in boxing.

Oner helped to establish British Obstacle Sports in May 2019 and took on the role of President for the federation. He has been actively involved in the governance and decision making of the federation ever since and remains on the board after standing down as President in 2022. Oner also led a British Obstacle Sports team in Turkey who supported the first modern pentathlon test event of the obstacle discipline.

After his competitive boxing career Oner raced in seven marathons, Marathon Des Sables and many charity fun runs. He believes that obstacle sports has great potential to become a mainstream sport not only in the UK, but throughout the world. Hence the reason he founded British Obstacle Sports with like minded members of the obstacle sports community in the UK.

Oner is married with two children who enjoy football, swimming and gymnastics.

Chair Ninja Sport UK

Ali Hay

Ali has been competing as one of the top ninjas in UK for eight years and has been a grand finalist on Ninja Warrior UK three times running, as well as competed in numerous competitions across the globe.

His passion for the sport has taken him in many directions, from obstacle and facility designing, coaching, starting leagues and competing, to owning and operating his own Ninja Warrior UK park in Edinburgh.

With over a decades experience as a company director and a chairperson Ali jumped at the chance to help shape the future of the sport he loves and has been running the Ninja Sport Technical Committee since 2021.

Ali is excited to continue to bring his experience and energy to the federation and the board.

Note: As the Chair of the Ninja Sport Technical Committee Ali will also sit on the British Obstacle Sports Board.

Beth Lodge

Beth got into ninja sport in 2017 after her brother dared her to apply for the Ninja Warrior show. Being a competitive family, she couldn’t say no and ended up loving everything about it. Beth has competed internationally and regularly podiums at competitions. She was the last woman standing on Ninja Warrior UK season 5 and was the female winner of Ninja Warrior UK season 6. Beth was also our female winner of the inaugural British Ninja Championship in 2022. Beth would love to encourage and support more people into ninja sport.

Beth works as a scientist in biotechnology and has been supporting the development of the federation since the start of 2021 and is the current Vice-Chair of the Ninja Sport Technical Committee.

Henry Cookey

Henry first got involved with ninja sport in 2016 when he competed on Ninja Warrior UK Season 3, reaching the semi final and immediately finding a passion for the sport. Henry has made some big career jumps, from chemical engineer back in 2013 to Olympic taekwondo fighter until 2016, winning a Commonwealth bronze medal in Glasgow 2014 and narrowly missing out on selection for the Rio 2016 Olympic games. After retiring from taekwondo following the 2016 games he was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to take on the challenge of Ninja Warrior UK season 3.

The experience made such a big impact that he went on to build his own ninja gym in Liverpool where others can experience the challenges and train for such events and competitions.

Henry is incredibly passionate about obstacle sport and helping it grow and spread so everyone can see how great it is along with the massive health and fitness benefits that come with it. He is currently Head of Competitions in the Ninja Sport Technical Committee and working on shaping the rules and format of the sport to keep the spirit of ninja and bring the exciting, inclusive, and entertaining sport that is ninja forward to all of the UK.

Laura Baskeyfield

Laura is an enthusiastic supporter of all things ninja sport, and the mother of youth athlete Carisma Baskeyfield.

With involvement with the community organisation, Ninja Sport UK, since 2022, Laura started to support British Obstacle Sports as a volunteer this year. Laura currently sits on the Ninja Sport Technical Committee and the Technical Officials Development Committee.

This vote would formally elect Laura to the Ninja Sport Technical Committee and allow her to represent the committee at board meetings in the absence of the Ninja Sport Technical Committee Chair or another elected representative.

Becky Neal

Becky has been involved with obstacle course racing since 2016 and has experienced a variety of obstacle race styles, formats and competitions across the country and Europe having competed in around 100 events. She continues to enjoy new events and encourages others to challenge themselves with obstacle course racing and join the community.

Becky is hoping to continue the work she has been doing with British Obstacle Sports, including hosting informative webinars and developing key governance policies to provide fair and accessible sport for everyone. Previously she has competed in other sports at a national level and will use these experiences as well as her knowledge from her role as a sports scientist to support the progression of OCR at a grassroots and performance level.

Note: As the Chair of the OCR Technical Committee Becky will also sit on the British Obstacle Sports Board.

Dave Peters

Dave has been involved with OCR since 2012 after taking on his first race as a charity event. After catching the bug of competing he has raced over 100 races all over Europe and has have integrated OCR into his day job beginning by taking groups to races having coached them in correct techniques and fitness.

As a sport science graduate Dave loves sport and the demands required for people to perform and so has developed his knowledge and expertise studying OCR and similar sports such as gymnastics and climbing. He has since opened his own training centre, Rumble Fitness.

As a certified coach in OCR Dave has worked with a full range of athletes of all levels of ability, aims and goals and now manages his own OCR Team; Rumble Racing.

Dave has been working within the federation since 2019 across several committees supporting in key areas of expertise in coaching, youth development and technical knowledge. His role has also seen him act as the Race Director for the British OCR Junior Championships in 2022 and 2023, and also the British OCR 3K Championship in 2023.

Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback.