AGM 2022

We will hold our 2022 AGM via Zoom on Monday, December 12th (7pm-9pm). All British Obstacle Sports members can attend and eligible members will be able to vote on key decisions (details will be sent separately on voting). However, we request that you confirm attendance for planning purposes and so we can send you the meeting invite by completing this form before 23:59pm on Friday, December 9th.


Formal AGM Notice

On behalf of the Board of Directors, it is our great pleasure to extend a formal invitation to our members and partners to the British Obstacle Sports Annual General Meeting 2022.

The AGM will be held on Monday, 12th December via Zoom. The AGM will start promptly at 7pm.

Formal AGM Notice


Those eligible to vote will be asked to vote on the following items:

Resolution 1: Approve the minutes of the last AGM held on Monday, November 1st 2021.

Resolution 2: Approve of the British Obstacle Sports financial accounts for the financial year 2021/22.

Resolution 3: Adopt and approve the updated British Obstacle Sports Articles of Association.

Resolution 4: Approve a Board role exchange with James Burton resigning as Elected Director and being reappointed as Chair of the Board and Oner Avara resigning from his position as Chair of the Board and being reappointed as Elected Director for the remainder of their two-year term.

  • Deferred income from 2020/21 increases the overall turnover  in 2021/22 as below:
    • Membership fees – £886
    • Event income – £1,258
    • Training course fees – £525
  • Moving forward, and in the 2021/22 accounts, British Obstacle Sports will recognise revenue on the date it is received for overall accounting simplicity.
  • A future cost provision from 2020/21 was applied to 2021/22 cost of sales hence the negative value £70 for this year as these costs were covered by the provision. 
  • Training course costs cover payment to our first aid provider and membership of Active IQ the awarding organisation for our coaching programme.
  • British Obstacle Sports sponsored the trophies for the UK Obstacle Racing Awards.

All changes are highlighted in yellow in the document. In summary the key changes are as follows:

  1. Legal updates to reflect the move to British Obstacle Sports.
  2. Small definition updates.
  3. Two updates to our objects (our purpose).
  4. Updates to section 6. Membership eligibility and subscription to reflect how we operate and also to introduce a Life Member membership class.
  5. Update to duties of the AGM.
  6. Increase of notice for member resolutions from 10 to 21 days to ensure member resolutions are included in the formal notice of an AGM.
  7. Clarification that the Chair of the Board is also the President.

The role exchange has been agreed by the Board and is now put to our members for formal approval. Both Oner and James have played key roles in the federation since 2019. The role exchange will not change the involvement of either within the federation, and simply reflects how their roles have developed in 2022. The Board now wishes to formalise this.

For those who do not know James & Oner, below are their bios.

James Burton

James has 18+ years digital marketing experience working with a range of global brands including Nike, Virgin, Bacardi, GSK, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, World Gold Council, and In his 12 year role at creative agency, AKQA, James also worked closely on the operations side of the business that included setting up two studios in Portland and Gothenburg, managing a large financial portfolio, team and line management, recruitment, and generally getting stuff done.

Obstacle sports is a huge passion for James and he has participated in over 175 events since 2013 from ninja competitions to 24 hour endurance races. Since volunteering for British Obstacle Sports James has played a key role in developing the governance of the federation and is a member of a large number of the federation committees.

Key achievements that James has helped to drive since being a part of the federation: UK OCR Time Trials competition, British OCR Junior Championships, membership programme, redrafting of our constitution in line with UK Sports Councils requirements, Spartan partnership, British Obstacle Sports support for the UK OCR Series, event licensing programme, and training centre affiliation.


Oner Avara

Oner has over two decades of experience in sports as a boxer, club owner, chairman and president of sport federations and an advisor to the UK Parliament.

Supported by his long and extensive experience in sport, Oner has built an online platform designed to increase the flow of information between medical professionals, federations, technical officials, clubs, promoters and athletes to create a safer sports environment.

In his advisory role to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain as a Sport Expert Advisor at the UK Parliament, Oner ensures that the sports industry and society benefit from the full potential of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies (DLT) making the UK a leader in Blockchain/DLT’s innovation and implementation.

He also advises All Party Parliamentary Groups on Boxing. The APPG Boxing committee aim to engage with government and Parliament to support all aspects of boxing, setting out the benefits of boxing to individuals and the wider society; reducing the barriers to participation in boxing.

Oner helped to establish British Obstacle Sports in May 2019 and took on the role of President for the federation. He has been actively involved in the governance and decision making of the federation ever since. In 2022, Oner also led a British Obstacle Sports team in Turkey who supported the first modern pentathlon test event of the obstacle discipline.

After his competitive boxing career Oner raced in seven marathons, Marathon Des Sables and many charity fun runs. He believes that obstacle sports has great potential to become a mainstream sport not only in the UK, but throughout the world. Hence the reason he founded British Obstacle Sports with like minded members of the obstacle sports community in the UK.

Oner is married with two children who enjoy football, swimming and gymnastics.

Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback.